Friday, June 06, 2008


I am so glad that I’ve got a lot of friends! Who's not?

I’m not a very vocal person, especially when it comes to some personal mushy things. Of course, I tell my friends something about my love life, but not everything… for me, as long as I can handle sappy things, I rather keep them on my own.

But yes, it will be better if you can voice out all the things that bothers you inside. Especially when you have friends listening to you.

Awhile ago, two of my friend and I talks about love stuff. Since there something inside me that keeps on trying to find a way out... this is it… right time for me to release something that keeps running and running inside my heart.

I told my friends regarding regarding my current love situation. Though they don’t have any idea about the person that I’m talking about, I’m so glad that they are listening attentively.

I know that they’re listening… because my heart finds peace when I heard the piece of advice that they gave me. And my friends’ advice gave me more reason to stand on what I’ve decided about my current love situation.

I love my friends… and I’m very thankful for having them. Because aside from my family who gives me strength to continue the fight of life, I have friends who are so willing to stay with me and help me to continue the fight that I've started!

Happy Friday Friends!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am a Catholic and I often thank God for all the blessings that I received. I thank Him for helping me to surpass all the troubles, trials, anxiety and whatever negative stuffs.

Last night, I promised my self to wake up early so I can go to Baclaran Church/Mother of Perpetual Help Church to attend the first Wednesday Mass. Before going to bed, I asked my self if I can get up that early in able for me to attend the mass at Baclaran Church… meaning I doubt my self. Then I realize that, why I am asking my self the question whether I can get up early or not, wherein in the first place, every first Wednesday of the month, I go to Baclaran church… meaning, of course… I can wake up early for the mass.

Then I told my self… oppsss… it seems the devil beside me was trying to stop me in going to the church that is why I doubt my self whether I can get up early or not. Then I prayed, I told the Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help to wake me up early for I have to attend the mass… then after that, I go to bed to sleep.

I am the type of person who loves to sleep a lot that is why when I wake up in the morning, I often ask for a little more minute to stay in bed and sleep again. But not this morning! The clock buzz and rather than to take a few more minutes of sleep, I couldn’t sleep anymore unlike before that my eyes are too heavy to open. Yup, I do believe that that the Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help wakes me up, that is why I don’t feel sleep anymore when I open my eyes this morning. To sum it up… the devil failed to stop me from attending the mass to Baclaran church! And today… I feel that I am so blessed!

I prayed a lot… I pray for my family, friends, people who so dear to me and at the same time for my self. And I believe that in God’s time, all my prayers will be granted!

Have a blessed Wednesday!