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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


AFTER two years and three months...
After 225 post...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


COULD you love someone with all of your heart?
Would you love them despite all of their flaws?
Could you love that someone no matter what they did to you? Or others?
Would you do everything you could to fix their problems and take away their hurts?
If they hurt you deeply, could you still love them and want them to be a part of your life?
What if they treated you like you didn't exist? Except when they needed something from you.
What if they totally ignored you? Except to blame you for the bad day they were having.
What if they made fun of you in front of all of their friends?
What if every time you tried to talk to them and help them, they turned their back on you and walked away?
What if they did everything that you disapproved of knowing that you didn't approve of it?

Could you still love someone like that?
Would you risk your life for someone like that?
Would you die a painful death for someone who's love is not returned?
JESUS did...
* I found this piece over the net.
Enjoy reading and have a nice day!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


SATURDAY before last Saturday I had headache for two days, Saturday and Sunday (parusa). Other than that, my right "bionic" ear, parang may hangin o water siya sa loob and I hate the feeling, so uncomfortable! So I told my mother regarding my situation, then nag-set siya ng appointment to a specialist last Saturday, May 5, 2007.
Upon checking my ear, wala naman daw problema sabi ng doctor, so okay… fine. Then, sinunod naman na i-check ‘yung mata ko. Sabi ko kasi na lumalabo ang nakikita ko. After some test, result… 20/20 vision pa rin ako… thank God, akala ko ire-recommend na mag-eyeglass ako. Then I asked the doctor kung ano ba ang problema sa mata ko at bakit ganu’n na 20/20 vision naman ako, pero bakit sila lumalabo… then she said… EYESTRAIN. And to end this post...
Eyestrain, an ergonomic problem often related with the use of computers and Video Display Terminals.
The symptoms of eyestrain may be sore, tired, itchy dry or blurring eye, headaches, difficulty focusing between VDT and source documents, blurred or double vision, color fringes / after images and increased sensitivity to light.
These symptoms may be caused by;
If the light in the work area is too bright or too dim, the human eye has to work extra hard to compensate for these harsh environmental factors. People may not even be aware that their eyes are under duress, but over time they may develop symptoms of eyestrain.
Use indirect, ambient lighting and an adjustable light source at the desk, where extra illumination is required.
Glare can be caused by sources of light such as windows, lamps, or overhead lighting. Look at your monitor screen to see if there are any bright blotches of light. While you may not be conscious of this irritation, it can cause eyestrain over the course of a long day. Glare can also be caused by too much contrast between the screen background and the displayed text.
Adjust your monitor so that it is not reflecting the light source. Tilt the monitor down so that it doesn't reflect overhead lights, or move it perpendicular to windows. Close shades or blinds if the computer cannot be moved. Move lamps so that they are not reflected directly in the monitor. Use glare screens.
Many computer users wear bifocals or trifocal lenses fitted for reading print and distance viewing. Sometimes these prescriptions may not be adequate for computer work.
If you wear glasses of any sort and frequently experience headaches while working at a computer, you should probably check with your eye doctor to make sure you are wearing the correct prescription for such work.
If your monitor is too far away, you will have to strain to read the print. Likewise, if it is too close, you may also strain your eyes. If the monitor is too high, you will have to angle your neck to look up at it, which could cause your neck to be sore, and may contribute to headaches. Also, when you are continually looking up, you may not fully close your eyes when you blink, and this can cause your eyes to dry out.
Generally speaking, the recommended distance for the monitor is between 18-30 inches from the user, with the first line of text just slightly below eye level. You want the keyboard directly in front of the monitor. If the keyboard/monitor is off to one side, the distance to the monitor may be slightly different for each eye, causing them to focus separately.
When people concentrate, they blink less often. Sometimes they concentrate so hard that they blink only once per minute, instead of the normal once every five seconds. This, too, will cause the eyes to dry out and become irritated.
Take micro-breaks! Frequently look up from your monitor and focus on an object several feet away. Make a conscious effort to blink.
If the document holder is below the VDT or off to the side, each time your eyes look from one source to the other, your pupils have to adjust. If you have to do this for long periods of time, it can cause headaches and eyestrain.
Place document holder at the same level, angle, and distance as the screen to avoid having to shift eye focus.
A buildup of dust on the screen can make it hard to distinguish characters. This may also contribute to glare and reflection problems.
Dust off your monitor every day.
*complete details regarding
eyestrain been searched
over the net.

Monday, April 30, 2007


Everything in life is about taking risks. Even closing your eyes to sleep is a risk because you don’t know if you can still open your eyes tomorrow. As far as taking risks are concerned, you may have fears, yet, you have to conquer them because by doing that, you grow and improve as a person. Never worry about losing in the end because at the end of the day, it won’t be about winning, it will all be about how great the feeling is knowing you have given your best!...
YM message from my friend
tox_ph**** (10/28/04 10:04:34 AM):

Saturday, April 21, 2007


LATER tonight, after office work, magsu-swimming kaming mag-o-officemate... ang saya! But it doesn't mean ay wala kaming pasok kinabukasan, meron pa rin po. Ang mangyayari lang, magsu-swimming kami ng gabi, pagdating ng Sunday morning, balik office para sa trabaho. Limited ang time kaya pagdating sa resort, swim agad... because every second counts! (parang StarStruck)
Anyway... this Saturday, pagdating sa office, tune-in agad ako sa 96.3 W Rock, my favorite Radio Station. And all the songs na naririnig ko pagbukas ko ng radio, lahat, it reminds me of some things before *wink* and narito ang ilan sa mga songs na narinig ko na-reminisce ko ang past (naks)...
YOU'RE A PART OF ME by Anne Murray
First song na ako mismo ang nag-burn then ipinanregalo, kanino? Secret *blush*
You're a part of me
That I can't do without
You're a part of me
That dreams are all about
But you can't hold on to
Something that you never had before
Love waits for the wind
To bring you back again
And take you away
This song reminds me of my board mates when I was in college.
Ito 'yung song na madalas katahin noon... as in paggising mo pa lang sa umaga, naririnig ko na 'yung mga board mates namin na tumutugtog ng gitara at ito ang kinakanta...
Now I don't want to see you any more
Don't want to be the one to play your game
Not even if you smile your sweetest smile
Not even if you beg me darling please.
LATER by Fra Lippo Lippi
The first song na narinig ko na nag-walkout ako sa trabaho... hahaha
It's too late to start pretending
It's too late for a new beginning
Later than the sunset, later than the rain
Later than I never to love you again
My song for my parents!
Ito 'yung song noong graduation namin noong college nang bigyan ng tribute 'yung mga parents ng mga graduates.
I love this song so much. Sa sobrang kagustuhan ko sa song na 'to, nagawa ko na siyang sayawin... hahaha
Ask Malaya about the steps.
Through the years, you've never let me down
You turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found
I've found with you... through the years
I've never been afraid, I've loved the life we've made
And I'm so glad I've stayed, right here with you
Through the years
While doing this post, naka-tune in pa rin ako sa W Rock, Light Rock request with Paul and Cherry... at may question na gusto kong sagutin bilang ending ng post na 'to... the question is... WHAT IS YOUR TOP FIVE BREAK UP SONGS?
And my top 5 break up songs...
1. Later by Fra Lippo Lippi
2. Stitches and Burns by Fra Lippo Lippi
3. I'll be Over You by Toto
4. Is there Something by Cristopher Cross
5. Almost Over You by Sheena Easton

Saturday, April 14, 2007


ROSE Cactus... Sasha gave me this last January if am not mistaken (Si Malaya may Rose Cactus din galing din kay Sasha). Ito ang kasama ko ngayon sa room ko. Nakapatong siya sa isang white round monoblock, right side ng bed. Sounds weird, but yes, kinakausap ko siya (pero please lang, 'wag sana siyang sumagot).
Before I close my eyes at night, and when the morning comes, isa siya sa mga nakikita ko kaagad. And even when pondering things at night, sa kanya ako nakatitig. Kapag naglalaba ako, ibinababa ko rin siya, inilalagay ko siya sa basin na may water, doon siya nagsu-swimming. (super sa bonding)
Last Holy Week, gusto ko siyang iuwi rin sa Pampanga pero 'di ko ginawa, kasi baka mapitpit siya sa biyahe. Sounds funny dahil nagbilin ako sa kanya nang iwan ko siya na bantayan ang kuwarto, saka mga gamit ko at saka mag-ingat siya... ngek! Pagbalik ko naman ng city after the Holy Week, pagpasok ko sa room... in a cheerful and excited voice, sabi ko... "hello, kumusta ka na?" Huh?! Even me, nagulat sa naging reaksiyon ko sa pagbati nang ganu’n sa plant... shaiks, ganu'n na ako ka-close sa plant na 'to.
Sa iba, yes, it's just an ordinary plant... but not to me. To be honest, the first day na ibigay sa akin ang plant na 'to, I told my self na aalagaan ko siya. Not because kailangan talaga siyang alagaan dahil kung hindi, mamamatay siya. But also, dahil bigay siya ng isang kaibigan.
To me, taking care of this plant also means taking care of the friendship between me and the person who gave this to me. Kaya naman effort kung effort ang pag-aalaga ko sa plant na ito. And surprise... may small plant na tumubo sa side niya... yup, another Rose Cactus!
Friendship is like a precious flower
Ready to bloom every hour.

Monday, April 09, 2007


HOLY Wednesday night, after office work, umuwi na ako ng Pampanga, two days kasing walang pasok, Holy Thursday at Good Friday. Pero bago umuwi, chill muna sa SM North Edsa, sa Ice Monster with Malaya, Valerie, Tita Linda at Hanne. 9:00pm na when we decided na magsiuwi na dahil Pampanga pa nga ako uuwi, unlike them na dito lang sa Metro.
10:30 na ng gabi nang makasakay ako ng bus... may goodness, sobrang siksikan talaga, ordinary bus na nasakyan ko at nakatayo pa ako (shaiks... walang nagpaupo sa akin, ‘di umubra ganda ng lola ninyo). 12:00 midnight na nang makarating ako sa bahay, though gabing-gabi na, 'di naman ako masyadong natakot. Kasi, kapag ganitong okasyon, sa lugar namin, may mga club o samahan sa buong bayan na nagpa-Pabasa at sa amin, may Pabasa rin... Samahang Kapit Bahay-Catholic Youth Club o SKB-CYC.
Holy Thursday, Bisita Iglesia with the Macabebe Parish Choir o MPC! Ehem... 'di po ako member ng MPC, friends ko sila kaya kasama ko sila sa nasabing Bisita Iglesia... narito ang mga Simbahan na aming pinuntahan.
Holy Family Parish Church,
Colgante, Apalit, Pampanga
St. Peter Parish Church,
Apalit, Pampanga
Holy Rosary Church,
Sto. Domingo, Pampanga
Sto. Tomas Parish Church,
San Matias, Pampanga
City of San Fernando
Our Lady of Sorrow Church,
Dolores, City of San Fernando
St. Augustine Church,
City of San Fernando
Around 11:00pm nang matapos ang aming pagbi-Bisita Iglesia, recharge para sa susunod na activity... THE VIA CRUSIS!
12:00 midnight nang mag-start ang Via Crusis, kasama ko pa rin ang mga taga-MPC at around 2:30am na nang makauwi ng bahay. Malayo ang narating ko noong Holy Thursday, pero 'di ko masyadong naramdaman ang pagod, dahil in-offer ko buong sarili ko sa mga activity na ito. And I fell so blessed.
Good Friday, procession with the family naman. Malayong lakaran, pero oks lang din... walang reklamo.
Black Saturday... may pasok na kami. But after office work, umuwi pa rin ako ng Pampanga, hoping na makahahabol sa SALUBONG... but I failed! Anyway, nakita naman ni Lord ang effort ko para makahabol. Kaya 'yun, sunday morning na ako nagsimba bago bumalik ng city.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


MARCH 14 when I had my last post... mag-a-update sana ako last week, Friday, but 'di ko na lang tinuloy, about pain kasi ang mababasa kung sakali mang itinuloy ko ang post na 'yun.
As much as I can, ayokong nagpo-post about pain or anything negative, lalo kapag "usapang puso," but I know na 'di naman puwede ang laging ganu'n. Ayoko kasi na pangibabawan ng lungkot that's why "tuloy ang buhay" na parang "am absolutely okay..." pretension bang matatawag 'yun? Sa akin lang kasi, ayokong nadi-disturb ang isang masayang sitwasyon nang dahil sa malungkot kong kuwento.
I know na it helps a lot kapag nagre-release ng nararamdaman... Oo naman, nagre-release rin naman ako kapag mabigat na sobra... to my friends and mostly, to my family... and to be honest, 'di ako basta-basta nagsasabi ng problema sa taong alam kong sobrang problemado rin nang mga panahong 'yun... sa akin lang kasi, kung kukuwentuhan ko pa about problems ang isang sobrang problemadong tao... saan uuwi ang aming usapan? Selfishness bang matatawag kung gusto ko na kapag nagsasabi ako ng problema o sama ng loob ay ayokong dinadaingan din ako ng problema ng kausap ko sa oras ding ‘yun? Dapat ba na sabay na nagdadaingan ng problema ang parehong problemado, may maganda kayang payo na maibigay ang isa't isa?
Anyway... moving forward, Holy Week na next week... two days kaming walang pasok (ang saya-saya), kung puwede ngang hilain ang mga araw, ginawa ko na.
Aside from Christmas, favorite holiday ko rin ang Holy Week, aside from the best time to repent from our sins... chance rin na nagkakasama-sama ang buong pamilya at mga magkakaibigan dahil sa may kanya-kanya ng career (naks).
"Bonding week" din ang tawag ng pinsan ko sa holy week. Unlike others, 'di kami nag-a-out-of-town, ayaw ng mga "oldies," (kahit ako, ayokong lumalayo kapag Holy Week) gusto nila sa bahay lang, magkakasama, nagkukuwentuhan, sabay-sabay na kumakain, nagdarasal at tulung-tulong para sa traditional PABASA (mabibilang sa daliri isang kamay kung sino sa amin ang 'di marunong kumanta sa PABASA).
So, this Holy Week, expect na ninyo sa akin na NO BLOG and NO CELLPHONE... stay home muna with the rest of the family!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


LIFE is fun and full of surprises... every step we take... changes comes next!
Masaya ka ngayon... maya-maya lang... bad trip na.
May times din na you want everything to be okay, pero split seconds lang, lahat ng effort mo turns to nothing!
If you want to be quiet even for a day... dami namang bad air na kung maigsi ang pisi mo, mapipikon ka talaga. Part na yata ng buhay natin ang mga ganitong pangyayari. Kung magpapaapekto... naku... lost ang ganda mo!
Sa nature ng work namin... serious, ma-pressure, laging may deadline... bawat minuto deadline. Kung hindi mahaba pasensiya mo, susuko ka. But to be honest, kapag tapos na trabaho or even kahit kasalukuyang nagtatrabaho at inaatake ng pressure, nakukuha pa rin naming magtawa at magbiro... mahirap na, seryoso na trabaho, seryoso ka pa masyado... saan ka pa, baka bigla na lang mawala sa dictionary mo ang ibig sabihin ng smile, laugh at joke.
Lots of circumstances comes along our way... may sineseryoso, pero mayroon din namang dapat na lang tawanan. May mga seryosong sitwasyon na 'di dapat seryosohin masyado, because sometime, parang nagiging mas complicated kapag sobra-sobrang seryoso na... tatanda agad ang hitsura mo.
Basta enjoy life lang... be happy!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I wasn't able to update my blog this past few days... busy? Absolutely! And at the same time, am running out of idea on what to post... inagiw tuloy ang site ko!
Anyway... last March 3, 2007, Saturday, I had my first whole day leave for 2007 (am wondering now kung kailan ito mauulit.) at saan ako nag-chill? MANILA ZOO!
So nice to be back in Manila Zoo, kid pa ako nang huli kong punta rito. Ang dami ng bago, under renovation ang zoo at kokonti na lang ang mga animals.
May snake (Python) at nahawakan ko siya... 'di naman ako takot sa snake... pero 'yung kasama ko, pati sa bulate takot... nyahahaha. PEACE!
May monkey rin... may monkey... may monkey... at may monkey... in short, maraming monkey!
May mga birds na iba-iba ang lahi, pero birds pa rin!
May tiger din... 'yun nga lang, ulo lang nakita ko at nakatalikod pa... whewww
May hippopotamus... 'yun nga lang, 1/8 lang ng katawan niya ang nakita ko, kasi nakalubog siya sa tubig... huh?!
Nakapagpa-picture rin naman kami sa elephant... 'yun nga lang, estatwa lang kasi wala na 'yung tunay na elephant at 'yung giraffe naman, wala na rin.
May Ostrich din... trivia; an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
For more wento about this post, kindly check Sasha's blog... may mga picture kami roon... promise.
O siya siya siya... bye bye na, uwi na ko.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


ONE day, on both end of a narrow bridge, two goats are about to cross. And in the middle of the viaduct, the two goats met.
They said that goat doesn't have the capability to move backward, and the problem now is this;
How will these two goats cross the bridge if none of them can move backward?
One of the two goats reclines and let the other goat step into his body softly in able to cross the bridge. After that, the other goat stands and cross the bridge. Nice!!!
To practice five things under all circumstances constitutes
perfect virtue; these five are gravity, generosity of soul,
sincerity, earnestness and kindness. — Confucius

Monday, February 19, 2007


AFTER the "not that long" hiatus... am back!
Am back for it's my blog second year anniversary... CHEERS!
Way back to my blog's first year anniversary, I wasn't able to say thank you to you guys who often visit my site. This time, I wanna say thank you for visiting my space, for reading my posts and sa pag-appreciate sa mismong blog ko. Thank you for the comments and tags! Thank you... thank you and thank you!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Am tired... absolutely I am! And probably not only me, but also my officemates. Imagine your self working seven days a week, from 10:00am to 7:00pm and sometimes (gaano kadalas ang sometimes na 'yan?) 'till 8:00pm... ka-stress, 'di ba?
We're so so so busy here in the office this past week, kulang kasi kami sa tao kaya 'yun, work kung work talaga... and last Friday, naningil siguro katawan ko sa sobrang pagod na naranasan nitong nagdaang linggo.
Last Friday... a very exhausted day, so tired, promise! Oks lang sana kung physically tired, puwedeng ipahinga ang katawan mo. Pero hindi kapag mentally tired ka, tapos, nasa trabaho ka... ang hirap! Ito ang nangyari sa akin last Friday... I hate it! 'Yung tipong 'di mo alam kung ano ang masakit sa'yo at 'di mo na maintindihan ang sinasabi ng mga kasama mo na pati ang one plus one ay 'di mo na masagot. 'Yung tipong punumpuno na ang utak mo pero ang dami pang ipinapasok... kung may screen lang ako sa noo, malamang nag-appear na ang "NO MORE SPACE FOR NEW TASKS." Dumugo talaga utak ko last Friday at mangiyak-ngiyak ako. I was at the layout section discussing something na 'di ko naman ma-absorb, my goodness, ang hirap... nasabi ko na lang in a high pitch voice... "ayoko na... uuwi na ko." Pero 'di pa rin ako umuwi... nagtrabaho pa rin ako... hehehe!
Gustuhin ko mang tawagan si Sasha gurl that day para may makausap na iba ang nature ng trabaho sa trabaho ko, to set aside kahit sandali lang ang mga bagay na tumatalun-talon sa utak ko regarding my work. Pero naisip ko naman, baka lumalangoy din siya sa dami ng trabaho at makaistorbo ako. So what I did, bumaba na lang at tumambay muna sa canteen at uminom ng malamig na chocolate drink... habang pina-ponder ang madalas sabihin sa akin ng daddy ko kapag nakikita niya akong nakasimangot dahil sa pagod... "anak, 'wag mong abusuhin sarili mo, magpahinga ka."
Well... *deep breath* tomorrow, another working week na naman... at malayu-layo pa ang Friday, am hoping na 'wag ko ng maranasan (keep my fingers cross) 'yung naranasan ko last Friday... my goodness... please no!
Anyway... Happy Sunday to all!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I love music and I love singing... but I don't have the voice for it... pero oks lang, I can dance naman... naks! And I admire people who have talent for singing... really!
I love Nyoy Volante's voice, so beautiful and relaxing. Aminado ko na crush ko talaga si Nyoy, makita ko lang siya sa TV, oks na ko.
May isa pa akong ina-admire when it comes to singing. Napaka-angelic ng boses ng batang 'to, sarap pakinggan... promise! Who is he?
Harry Joseph Santos ang buong pangalan niya. Una ko siyang nakita sa Pinoy Popsupertar Season 1 ng GMA 7. Contender siya ni Brenan Espartinez, but sad to say... natalo siya that time and I thought 'di ko na siya makikita at 'di ko na maririnig ang boses niya. Pero, if am not mistaken, nagkaroon ng callback ang Pinoy Pop at isa siya sa mga natawagan para bumalik para sa season 2 at nakapasok nga siya para sa Pinoy Popsuperstar Season 2 and this time, umabot siya hanggang finals.
My goodness... mula noon, lagi ko na siyang inaabangan sa SOP (variety show sa GMA 7) at SIS (talk show sa GMA 7) na kung saan, madalas siyang mag-guest at favorite rin siya ni Janice De Belen.
Pati story ng buhay niya sa Magpakailanman... hehe... pinanood ko rin *wink.*
'Di sinasadyang nagkaroon din ako ng chance makita si Harry Santos nang personal nang minsang mag-show ang finalist ng PPS S2 sa SM North Edsa at fortunately, nandoon kaming mag-o-officemate. My goodness... papasok pa lang kami ng mall nang marinig ko ang boses niya at sabi ko sa mga kasama ko... "si Harry 'yan!" At 'di nga ako nagkamali. Hahaha... nakipagsisikan pa ako sa mga tao that night makita lang siya.
Dumating ang finals ng Pinoy Popsuperstar Season 2... *sigh*... hindi siya ang nanalo. Pero oks lang... crush ko pa rin siya at magkaroon lang siya ng album, bibili ako. 'Di man siya nanalo sa Pinoy Popsuperstar Season 2, well... siya pa rin ang aking ONE AND ONLY PINOY POPSUPERSTAR!
Check his video and listen to his angelic voice...

Thursday, January 18, 2007


(Taken last January 15, 2007... Ann's farewell party)
A friend will be there for you when things are good... but a TRUE FRIEND will be there for you when things are good and also when things are very bad... and just when it feels like you will never smile again... she can put a smile on your face with just with a hug!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


To Ate Ann, Kd and to their three Apples...
Thank you sa gift...
More blessings to come and God speed!
Isang gabi, may dumalaw dito sa aming opisina.
Isa siyang blogista... dala niya ay saya sami ni Malaya.
May dala pang padala galing kina Santa.
Mabait siya talaga, at 'di siya suplada.
Nang siya ay makita, may ngiti na siya sa labi.
'Wag kang mag-alala, makikita mo rin siya.
O, ano kilala mo na ba siya?
Kung hindi pa... kilalanin mo na siya.
Teka, sino ba siya?
First tag ko ngayong 2007... dahil love ko ang nag-tag sa akin, kahit medyo nahirapan ako... go pa rin ako at tinapos.
1. Hindi na ako iinom ng gin.
*** Allergic kasi ako! Super pantal ang inabot ko noon nang uminom ako ng gin! Ayoko nang maranasan pa ang naramdaman ko that time kaya 'di na ako ulit iinom ng gin.
2. Hindi na ako maglalaro ng kunwa-kunwariang Bioman na tatalon sa pader habang sumisigaw ng "red one, green two, blue three, yellow four, pink five, bio team fight... bioman!"
*** Malaki na kasi ako, nakakahiya na, baka kapag may nakakita pa sa akin, isipin may konti ako.
3. Hindi ko na papuputol ang buhok ko everytime na inis na inis na inis ako.
*** Papuputol ko na lang siya kapag may split ends na at kapag gusto ko ng bagong hair cut.
4. Hindi na ako male-late ng isang oras sa pagpasok sa office. (Minutes na lang... ahihihi)
*** Last month ng 2006 at 1st and 2nd week ng January 2007... my goodness, ang dami kong late na tig-iisang isang oras. Nyaiiii...
5. Hindi na ako magbabasa sa isang lugar na insufficient ang ilaw.
*** Feeling ko ngayon... konti na lang ay masisira na ang mga mata ko kababasa sa lugar na medyo madilim.
6. Hindi na laging "oo" ang isasagot ko kapag may hinihinging pabor sa akin.
*** Pipilitin kong humindi naman paminsan-minsan lalo na kung oks lang naman. Minsan kasi, kahit ayoko, oo pa rin ako nang oo. I found out na sa kao-oo, there are some instances na naba-bypass ko ang sarili kong kasiyahan.
7. Hindi ko na hahayaang abusuhin ng iba ang kabaitang mayroon ako.
*** *Smile*
8. Hindi na ako maiinis kapag may medyo may napapatagal ang tingin sa akin.
*** Sinisimangutan ko kasi ang mga medyo napapatagal ang tingin sa akin, reason kung bakit ako napagkakamalang mataray. Ayokong mapagkamalan nilang mataray kaya sige, 'di na ako maiinis kapag ay medyo tumatagal ang tingin sa akin.
9. Same as Sasha... Hindi na ako mag-a-add sa friendster ng hindi ko kilala or hindi ako interesadong kilalanin siya.
*** *wink*
10. Same as Sasha gurl again... I will never ever again assume that I love someone just because I like the person's personality.
*** *wink*
Happy Sunday!
Note: Pasensiya na kung 'di ako madalas makapag-update. Gustuhin ko man, ang bagal pa kasi ng net... wink

Sunday, January 07, 2007


SA wakas, nakapag-post din!!!
Ito ang first post ko ngayong 2007. Mag-a-update sana ako first day of January para makapag-Happy New Year... my goodness... 'di ko nagawa. Pahirapan kasi ang pagla-login. Dahil sa yata sa nangyaring lindol sa Taiwan kung saan naapektuhan ang net, kaya 'yun, ang hirap mag-sign in.
Anyway... Tapos na first week ng January 2007, but still... I want to greet everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR! Daming naranasan ng 'Pinas, lalo na noong last quarter ng 2006. I hope and pray na ngayong 2007, makabawi na ito at dire-diretso na sa pagbangon. *wink*
Happy New Year blog-friends!