Saturday, May 31, 2008


LAST day of the month of May, and tomorrow... month of June is about to start.

I had a fruitful month of May, despite of the unexpected circumstances came along my way, I thank God that I surpassed them all. All the worries that turns my life upside down, am so thankful that I won battle against them.

To all the blessings that I received, I praise God!

To all the problems, worries, uncertainties and other “not that good” things, I thank God in helping me to succeed and be tough to face new challenges in life.

Month of June... what should I expect? Surprise!

I don’t have any idea on what will going to happen. But I pray that, whatever they are, in God’s help, guidance and blessing, I can surpass them all.

Month of June... time to start a new life again... with happiness and full of hopes!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


ONE night, my cousin and I decided to play card. I refuse because I don’t know how to play but he told me that he will going to teach me. Then I agreed to his suggestion and after teaching me, we played card and the thing was, I often lose the game!

Upon series of playing, we get bored, so we stop playing and decided to go out to a convenience store to look for something to eat. But when we get at the convenience store, we both laughed because we don’t know what to buy, so we just get out of the store.

On our way home, my cousin uttered that he wants to check his mail, so I go with him at the cafĂ©. While my cousin was busy checking his mail, I got bored so I decided to check the net too. When am already in front of the computer, but I’ve got nothing in mind on what to searched.

Few seconds, I started to search for Online Casino. I searched for this because I often heard it today and I want to know something about this. I found Online Casino interesting until I found out that it was already late and my cousin is already done checking is mail at waiting behind me… meaning time for us to go home because its almost midnight.

Browsing the net regarding Online Casino somehow, that night took my boredom away while waiting for my cousin.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Suppose to be, my first job after college will be a Slot Attendant in a casino. I can still recall, before my first interview for the said job, since I am not that familiar to the tasks of a Slot Attendant, what I did first was, I searched over the net anything related to casinos especially Slots. After browsing the net for Slots, and after having an idea about it, then I searched for the Slot Attendant’s work description… the responsibilities of a Slot Attendant specifically!

I did browse the net for these stuffs because I don’t want to get embarrass on my interview. Because it will be definitely awkward if they will going to ask me if I am familiar with the job that I am applying for, then I can’t give them the answer. So this is a tip, if ever you’re going to apply for job wherein you’re not that familiar to it, you better check the net first regarding the work you’re applying for, in able for you to be ready for the interview.

Going back, I’m ready for my interview that time, but destiny’s call, another opportunity came to me during that time and without double thinking, I grabbed it and… I got hired!

On the other hand, I’m still glad that I searched the internet regarding these casino things. Because at least, if ever there is someone who loves to play in a casino and ask me something about casino stuffs, at least I can answer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


THE twenty one or the Blackjack or the Vingt-et-un in French is one of the most popular games play by people. And yes, I didn’t play the Blackjack yet, but I want to give it a try. And since I am already familiar on how to play Twenty One or the Blackjack, I guess it won’t be hard for me to play it, or somehow, even just a little, I’ll have the chance to win the game.

I am familiar with the rules and regulations and some rules variation of the game Blackjack. I also found the said game exciting and interesting one and who knows, just like what I’ve said awhile ago, one day, am gonna give it a try to play Blackjack… and I hope, I will win.

Blackjack is a popular card game! If ever there are some people out there who are not that yet familiar to the said card game, and still need for some guidelines, Blackjack Stats is available for the guidelines needed by those who wants to be familiar with Blackjack and for those who wants to play Blackjack.

I found the card game Blackjack exciting and interesting one. And aside from that, when you and your friend get bored, playing Blackjack somehow can take away your boredom.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


AS possible as I can, I want to start my day with happiness... no negative vibes at all. This is because I want to have a happy and positive week ahead. But like what I often said, I don’t know what will gonna happen next... whether good or bad.

Yesterday, I thought am gonna have a positive day, but sorry… NO! Actually, all of my transactions yesterday gone so smooth, that is why I thought am gonna have fruitful day. But, when I got home from work, unexpected situation ruin my day. I got pissed off!

There will be an event this coming week in our place and some people wants to invite "someone who has a name" for the occasion. If am not mistaken, I guess, they seek help to someone who is close to me and this person relay the said matter to me. Since I knew someone who can help me regarding this... so I helped them regarding what they want and thank God that all the efforts that have done for the up coming event ends up clearly (that's what know).

I don't want to fail that someone who is close to me that is why am doing my best for the said affair. Last night, I laid all the stuffs needed for the success of the up coming occasion. Everything is okay, except to one thing which is regarding the transportation of the people they are inviting. That is the only problem left for the occasion to be successful, but on my part, I guess that is not a big problem anymore... but just a little effort for those people who are really involved on the the said affair. Look, they did not travel going in the city to do the transaction for the event... because I was the one who did it all. I did it without complaining that I got disturbed from my work, because I want to help them! The only thing that they will going to do now is to put solution regarding the transportation of those people that they are inviting, why not do it? And I feel (but I hope am wrong) that they still putting this matter to my shoulder wherein the truth is, am not that concern to this occasion, am just trying to help.

I don’t want to get embarrass to those people that they are inviting because I was the one who talked to them… I don’t want to have a bad name to them! At the same time, I don't want that someone who is closed to me to be embarrass too, that is why am doing my best to help them without complaining. But like what I've said, what makes me feel uncomfortable is that, while am doing my part for the success of the event, the part of those people who seek for help, I don’t know, I don’t want to be rude, but I feel (I hope am wrong again) that they’re not doing their part. Yes, they pay for the transaction, but it doesn’t mean that it ends there. They have to do some favors still for those people they are inviting, so that they can ask/invite them again the next time, right?

(Deep breath) Anyway, am looking forward that we can surpass the "problem" we are encountering now. I hope that any moment, people who are really involved on the said event will be enlightened to come up for a solution regarding the "problem" (little problem) of the said event.

Now, I still have more three working days, am looking forward that everything will be okay for the next three days! AJA!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Santacruzan is a festivity to commemorate Queen Helena’s search for the Holy Cross. And at the same time, Santacruzan is one of the highlights during the month of May.

This coming May 27, 2008, we’re going to have our traditional Santacruzan and I am so excited for the said event. Aside from our traditional Santacruzan, on the said date, my friends and I, we’re going to have a little get together in our home. One more reason why I am so excited this coming May 27.

I miss my friends so much because we don’t often see each other. Some of my friends are already married and some of them are still single (where I belong *wink*). Am so excited to have a nonstop and happy chat with them while waiting for the Santacruzan pass in front of our house!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One of my friends told me that she was able to celebrate her birthday when she was in college because she won in a Bingo game. She told me also that when she started to play Bingo and every time she plays, she always wins — she is lucky!

I know how to play Bingo, and it so easy to learn to Bingo. Probably, most people nowadays are already familiar with Bingo game. If not, just what like I have said awhile ago, it is so easy to learn Bingo, because there is a pattern that a player should follow in able to win.

If there are some people who are not that familiar on how to play Bingo, during free time, you can use the internet and try Free Bingo.

For me, Bingo is full fun! I remember, when I was in college I used to play Bingo also, and there are times or days that every time I play, somehow I win. But because I get busy with work now, it is so hard for me to look for a time to play Bingo.

Anyway, since Bingo is already in the internet, who knows, one day, I’ll try Bingo again!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


WHEN I’m on a trip, I make it sure that I have candies on my pocket or in my bag. When I get bored or a little bit hungry, candy is the answer for my little hunger.

Kids love candies. Reason why I often give my nephews some candies everytime I see them. They really really love candies especially when the candies have different flavors and colors.

When I was a kid, am so hooked with flavored/sweet candies. After school, if I still have some money on my pocket, I often go for candies. There was this funny incident when I was a kid wherein I forgot my candies on my school uniform’s pocket. When my mom was about to do the laundry, she saw my school uniform with so many ants. Then she saw the candies on my school uniform’s pocket… then she shouted at me and scolded me. From then on, every time I buy candies, I make it sure that there is nothing left in my pocket.

As I said awhile ago, am hooked with flavored candies, today, aside from flavored candies, there are also candies with different colors, sizes, textures and shapes like the Jelly Beans that often caught the attention of the candy lovers like me!

Lets have some candies!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008



RAINY season is about to come and what do we expect during rainy days, of course, most people stay in their home, watching television and others take a whole day sleep. Other people find rainy season a boring one, and there are also some who loves the rainy days… and I am one of them.

Before, when most of the houses have no internet access, probably, rainy season is really boring. But nowadays, wherein most houses have an internet access, probably, staying at home during rainy days is not that boring. Why, simply because there are so many stuffs that can be search over the net that takes the boredom away.

During rainy days, if you’re already bored with watching movies the whole day, you can use the internet. There are so many interesting things that can be found over the net, like things about fashion, interesting articles that can be read, latest movies, books, exciting online games and even Casinos Online and other more interesting stuff.

I love rainy days, it so sentimental and every time I see the rain falling in our windowpane, I feel happiness inside me. I am so relax when it rain and it seems that all the stress inside are gone as I watch the rain fall.

Monday, May 05, 2008


I’M familiar with the card game Blackjack. If am not mistake, this games is also known as twenty-one and it is one of the most popular casino card games.

I haven’t play blackjack, but with I have heard about the said game, I found it exciting and interesting. And with what I know if you’re going to play blackjack, of course, you have to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the said game. You have to be familiar to what they call player’s decision, some of this that I know are “hit” and “stick.” When you say “hit,” you will take another card, and “stand” meaning no more cards. Aside from this two player’s decision that I'm familiar with, there are still more player's decisions that should be known first in able to play blackjack.

Aside from the player’s decision there is also what they call rules variation wherein a player should be familiar first before playing the blackjack. So if I want to play blackjack, I should know this also, if not, I don’t think so if I can have the chance to win.

Just what like I have said awhile ago, I haven’t try blackjack but I found the said games interesting. To those who are puzzled about the card game and they need some information regarding the said games, try Blackjack Online Casinos. Who knows, you’ll find also the card game interesting and exciting!

Friday, May 02, 2008


I love playing outdoor games especially when the sun is up. During summer, I love to play exciting and interesting games with my friends. But some of my friends are not like me who loves to play outdoor games. I have friends who love to stay at home, have a nonstop conversation and some of them prepared to stay at home and play some card games all day long.

I love playing cards too, especially when it rains, wherein I have to stay at home, of course, to ease my boredom. But the thing is, am not good in playing card games, but I want to learn, especially Poker.

I don’t know how to play Poker but I want to learn. Because if am not mistake, Poker is one of the popular card games that often play by other people. And nowadays, Poker is also available in the internet. To those who are interested, you can try Online Poker.

I want to learn Poker, so I read some articles or anything that can give me an idea or information about Poker. And if there is someone out there who wants to teach me, it won’t be hard for you, because I am a fast learner.