Saturday, November 22, 2008


THE whole week...

Some things went not that good and some things just went out right!

For we don’t know what will going to happen next... let’s live our life as if it is our last day here on earth!

Forget the pain...

Leave the stress...

Neglect the temptation...

Cast all the burdens...

Forgive but don’t forget... for we have to learn from what we did in the past. For how will we learn if we will forget things we’ve done? How will we improve our mistakes if we will forget them?

Be sorry for our mistakes...

Give thanks to all the blessings...

Share the blessings...

Ask for forgiveness...

Enjoy life...

Stay at the right track...

Do good...

Never forget to say thank you!

Thank you, life...

Thank you, God!

Friday, November 14, 2008


PEOPLE who often praise their self annoys me! Who don’t?

People have different attitude, personality and whatever differences. But sometimes, there are some people who loves to tell stories about their selves na 'yung parang sinasabi nila na sila ang magaling... parang gusto nila, sila lang ‘yung bida… 'yung tipong lahat taob sa kanya at ayaw na may lumalamang sa kanya... these kinds of people irritates me.

Hindi ako namimili ng makakausap, anyone who wants to talk to me, as long as I have the time, at okay 'yung gustong pag-usapan, nakikipag-usap ako. But there are times talaga na may makakausap ka na may Narcissism attitude. ‘Yung tipong gusto niya na siya ang laging bida… laging angat sa lahat at siya lang ang maraming maganda at masayang kuwento.

One time, somebody is telling me about her college years and other stuffs about her life way way back. At the same time, am telling her also about my college years and some stuffs about me in the past and the conversation was so nice. Suddenly, somebody came in to the scenario and start to tell lots of things about her self. Though most of her stories was been told many times, still, I listened attentively because I don't want to be rude and I don't want to hurt her feelings kapag sinabi kong narinig ko na dati pa ang kuwento niya. Hindi ko alam kung aware ba siya napaulit-ulit na lang minsan ang mga story or hindi.

Minsan tolerable ang ganitong bagay... ang nakakairita lang talaga 'yung kapag 'yung ibang tao naman ang magkukuwento, sa halip na siya naman ang makinig... ngek... lagi siyang may pantapat na mas maganda at mas magaling sa kuwento ng ibang tao.

Yeah it irritates me kapag may nae-encounter akong ganitong klase ng tao, 'yung nga lang, rather to stop her/him, I still listen even though the story was been told a hundred time… I don’t want to be rude kasi and I don't want to hurt her/his feeling somehow.

Anyway… to wrap this post... I just have one question for these kinds of people… are they aware about their narcissistic attitude? There’s nothing wrong naman in sharing personal stories… but it will be better if you will learn on how to listen to the stories of other people, right?

Whoever loves becomes humble.
Those who love have, so to speak,
pawned a part of their narcissism.
— Sigmund Freud

Friday, November 07, 2008


ELEVEN o nine pi em (11:09pm) suppose to be nagpapahinga na utak ko nito... but ano ang ginagawa ko... eto nag i-internet... nagcha-chat sa taong kanina eh nagpataas ng blood pressure ko.

Wala talaga akong magawa maliban sa kausap ang taong kanina lang ay nagpataas ng blood pressure ko at pinaabot sa ulap ang kilay ko sa sobrang inis sa kanya at ngayon ay login-logout pa! Whewww!

I know na it makes no sense tong isinusulat ko... wala lang... trip lang magtipa ng mga daliri ko na kung ano ang maiisip ko, sige tipa lang nang tipa.

Inis ako...
Galit ako...
Pikon ako...
Asar ako sa taong kausap ko ngayon... pero bakit kausap ko ngayon? Hayyyyyyyyyyyyy my goodness!

I am matikisin (tama ba?) pagdating sa taong inis ako... but as of this moment... hindi ko mahugot yung "talent" kong 'yun na 'wag pansinin ang taong kinaiinisan ko at namikon sa akin... YUP, INIS AKO SA TAONG KAUSAP KO NGAYON... BUT LOOK... LUMABAS PA AKO NG BAHAY PARA MAG-RENT NG PC PARA KAUSAPIN SIYA... Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my goodness!


'Di ko siya ma-resist kaya ako nagkakaganito ngayon. Suppose to be galit ako sa kanya at 'wag siyang kausapin... pero kausap ko siya!

My goodness... I love this guy kasi!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


IT’S been a long time when I had my last update here in my blog. It is not that I have no time or busy, it’s just that I got lazy most of the time. And at the same time... I do not have any idea in mind regarding on what to post here in my site.
I have two blogs... and both, most of the time are in hiatus!
I want to maintain my blogs... honestly, I want to update them as often as I can, but yup... it is so hard to make an update if you don't have any idea on what to post.
Few weeks ago, I received lot’s of emails regarding “Questions and Answers” about yourself.
Since I want to update my blog, I decided to answer these “Questions and Answers” here in my blog as an update. At the same time… an update about me… so, let’s start!

The owner of the closet is a GUY! Magulo closet ko!
But not saying na magulo ang closet ng mga guys... maybe, it's just not that organize. *smile*

Yes! And am willing to spend a hundred bucks again and again, as long it is worth it!

Absolutely and I get mad! Then, I'll be the one to make a call to start a fight! Bwahahaha...

Attend mass and work!

Yes… yes… yes… yes… yes and many many yes!

It depends upon the situation!

The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler... just here in my PC here in the office *wink*

Oh yes!

Big no no!
I can't sleep without blanket specially at night.
Matatakutin ako... I sleep under my blanket even if it is too hot!

Now... I have 65Php on my pocket!

Two or three hours will do!


I am not into gum!

Am not into music during those days!

I want to stay more in bed… but sorry, got and need to work!

Our Senate correspondent

Watch TV

When my a year and a half old nephew Eldrick wake me up last Sunday, October 5, 2008.

Thanks for reading this update... if you are interested to answer these questions... you can do so, you can copy it! Expect na may mga mababasa pang ganito dito sa blog ko!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 06, 2008


I am so glad that I’ve got a lot of friends! Who's not?

I’m not a very vocal person, especially when it comes to some personal mushy things. Of course, I tell my friends something about my love life, but not everything… for me, as long as I can handle sappy things, I rather keep them on my own.

But yes, it will be better if you can voice out all the things that bothers you inside. Especially when you have friends listening to you.

Awhile ago, two of my friend and I talks about love stuff. Since there something inside me that keeps on trying to find a way out... this is it… right time for me to release something that keeps running and running inside my heart.

I told my friends regarding regarding my current love situation. Though they don’t have any idea about the person that I’m talking about, I’m so glad that they are listening attentively.

I know that they’re listening… because my heart finds peace when I heard the piece of advice that they gave me. And my friends’ advice gave me more reason to stand on what I’ve decided about my current love situation.

I love my friends… and I’m very thankful for having them. Because aside from my family who gives me strength to continue the fight of life, I have friends who are so willing to stay with me and help me to continue the fight that I've started!

Happy Friday Friends!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am a Catholic and I often thank God for all the blessings that I received. I thank Him for helping me to surpass all the troubles, trials, anxiety and whatever negative stuffs.

Last night, I promised my self to wake up early so I can go to Baclaran Church/Mother of Perpetual Help Church to attend the first Wednesday Mass. Before going to bed, I asked my self if I can get up that early in able for me to attend the mass at Baclaran Church… meaning I doubt my self. Then I realize that, why I am asking my self the question whether I can get up early or not, wherein in the first place, every first Wednesday of the month, I go to Baclaran church… meaning, of course… I can wake up early for the mass.

Then I told my self… oppsss… it seems the devil beside me was trying to stop me in going to the church that is why I doubt my self whether I can get up early or not. Then I prayed, I told the Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help to wake me up early for I have to attend the mass… then after that, I go to bed to sleep.

I am the type of person who loves to sleep a lot that is why when I wake up in the morning, I often ask for a little more minute to stay in bed and sleep again. But not this morning! The clock buzz and rather than to take a few more minutes of sleep, I couldn’t sleep anymore unlike before that my eyes are too heavy to open. Yup, I do believe that that the Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help wakes me up, that is why I don’t feel sleep anymore when I open my eyes this morning. To sum it up… the devil failed to stop me from attending the mass to Baclaran church! And today… I feel that I am so blessed!

I prayed a lot… I pray for my family, friends, people who so dear to me and at the same time for my self. And I believe that in God’s time, all my prayers will be granted!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


LAST day of the month of May, and tomorrow... month of June is about to start.

I had a fruitful month of May, despite of the unexpected circumstances came along my way, I thank God that I surpassed them all. All the worries that turns my life upside down, am so thankful that I won battle against them.

To all the blessings that I received, I praise God!

To all the problems, worries, uncertainties and other “not that good” things, I thank God in helping me to succeed and be tough to face new challenges in life.

Month of June... what should I expect? Surprise!

I don’t have any idea on what will going to happen. But I pray that, whatever they are, in God’s help, guidance and blessing, I can surpass them all.

Month of June... time to start a new life again... with happiness and full of hopes!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


ONE night, my cousin and I decided to play card. I refuse because I don’t know how to play but he told me that he will going to teach me. Then I agreed to his suggestion and after teaching me, we played card and the thing was, I often lose the game!

Upon series of playing, we get bored, so we stop playing and decided to go out to a convenience store to look for something to eat. But when we get at the convenience store, we both laughed because we don’t know what to buy, so we just get out of the store.

On our way home, my cousin uttered that he wants to check his mail, so I go with him at the cafĂ©. While my cousin was busy checking his mail, I got bored so I decided to check the net too. When am already in front of the computer, but I’ve got nothing in mind on what to searched.

Few seconds, I started to search for Online Casino. I searched for this because I often heard it today and I want to know something about this. I found Online Casino interesting until I found out that it was already late and my cousin is already done checking is mail at waiting behind me… meaning time for us to go home because its almost midnight.

Browsing the net regarding Online Casino somehow, that night took my boredom away while waiting for my cousin.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Suppose to be, my first job after college will be a Slot Attendant in a casino. I can still recall, before my first interview for the said job, since I am not that familiar to the tasks of a Slot Attendant, what I did first was, I searched over the net anything related to casinos especially Slots. After browsing the net for Slots, and after having an idea about it, then I searched for the Slot Attendant’s work description… the responsibilities of a Slot Attendant specifically!

I did browse the net for these stuffs because I don’t want to get embarrass on my interview. Because it will be definitely awkward if they will going to ask me if I am familiar with the job that I am applying for, then I can’t give them the answer. So this is a tip, if ever you’re going to apply for job wherein you’re not that familiar to it, you better check the net first regarding the work you’re applying for, in able for you to be ready for the interview.

Going back, I’m ready for my interview that time, but destiny’s call, another opportunity came to me during that time and without double thinking, I grabbed it and… I got hired!

On the other hand, I’m still glad that I searched the internet regarding these casino things. Because at least, if ever there is someone who loves to play in a casino and ask me something about casino stuffs, at least I can answer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


THE twenty one or the Blackjack or the Vingt-et-un in French is one of the most popular games play by people. And yes, I didn’t play the Blackjack yet, but I want to give it a try. And since I am already familiar on how to play Twenty One or the Blackjack, I guess it won’t be hard for me to play it, or somehow, even just a little, I’ll have the chance to win the game.

I am familiar with the rules and regulations and some rules variation of the game Blackjack. I also found the said game exciting and interesting one and who knows, just like what I’ve said awhile ago, one day, am gonna give it a try to play Blackjack… and I hope, I will win.

Blackjack is a popular card game! If ever there are some people out there who are not that yet familiar to the said card game, and still need for some guidelines, Blackjack Stats is available for the guidelines needed by those who wants to be familiar with Blackjack and for those who wants to play Blackjack.

I found the card game Blackjack exciting and interesting one. And aside from that, when you and your friend get bored, playing Blackjack somehow can take away your boredom.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


AS possible as I can, I want to start my day with happiness... no negative vibes at all. This is because I want to have a happy and positive week ahead. But like what I often said, I don’t know what will gonna happen next... whether good or bad.

Yesterday, I thought am gonna have a positive day, but sorry… NO! Actually, all of my transactions yesterday gone so smooth, that is why I thought am gonna have fruitful day. But, when I got home from work, unexpected situation ruin my day. I got pissed off!

There will be an event this coming week in our place and some people wants to invite "someone who has a name" for the occasion. If am not mistaken, I guess, they seek help to someone who is close to me and this person relay the said matter to me. Since I knew someone who can help me regarding this... so I helped them regarding what they want and thank God that all the efforts that have done for the up coming event ends up clearly (that's what know).

I don't want to fail that someone who is close to me that is why am doing my best for the said affair. Last night, I laid all the stuffs needed for the success of the up coming occasion. Everything is okay, except to one thing which is regarding the transportation of the people they are inviting. That is the only problem left for the occasion to be successful, but on my part, I guess that is not a big problem anymore... but just a little effort for those people who are really involved on the the said affair. Look, they did not travel going in the city to do the transaction for the event... because I was the one who did it all. I did it without complaining that I got disturbed from my work, because I want to help them! The only thing that they will going to do now is to put solution regarding the transportation of those people that they are inviting, why not do it? And I feel (but I hope am wrong) that they still putting this matter to my shoulder wherein the truth is, am not that concern to this occasion, am just trying to help.

I don’t want to get embarrass to those people that they are inviting because I was the one who talked to them… I don’t want to have a bad name to them! At the same time, I don't want that someone who is closed to me to be embarrass too, that is why am doing my best to help them without complaining. But like what I've said, what makes me feel uncomfortable is that, while am doing my part for the success of the event, the part of those people who seek for help, I don’t know, I don’t want to be rude, but I feel (I hope am wrong again) that they’re not doing their part. Yes, they pay for the transaction, but it doesn’t mean that it ends there. They have to do some favors still for those people they are inviting, so that they can ask/invite them again the next time, right?

(Deep breath) Anyway, am looking forward that we can surpass the "problem" we are encountering now. I hope that any moment, people who are really involved on the said event will be enlightened to come up for a solution regarding the "problem" (little problem) of the said event.

Now, I still have more three working days, am looking forward that everything will be okay for the next three days! AJA!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Santacruzan is a festivity to commemorate Queen Helena’s search for the Holy Cross. And at the same time, Santacruzan is one of the highlights during the month of May.

This coming May 27, 2008, we’re going to have our traditional Santacruzan and I am so excited for the said event. Aside from our traditional Santacruzan, on the said date, my friends and I, we’re going to have a little get together in our home. One more reason why I am so excited this coming May 27.

I miss my friends so much because we don’t often see each other. Some of my friends are already married and some of them are still single (where I belong *wink*). Am so excited to have a nonstop and happy chat with them while waiting for the Santacruzan pass in front of our house!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One of my friends told me that she was able to celebrate her birthday when she was in college because she won in a Bingo game. She told me also that when she started to play Bingo and every time she plays, she always wins — she is lucky!

I know how to play Bingo, and it so easy to learn to Bingo. Probably, most people nowadays are already familiar with Bingo game. If not, just what like I have said awhile ago, it is so easy to learn Bingo, because there is a pattern that a player should follow in able to win.

If there are some people who are not that familiar on how to play Bingo, during free time, you can use the internet and try Free Bingo.

For me, Bingo is full fun! I remember, when I was in college I used to play Bingo also, and there are times or days that every time I play, somehow I win. But because I get busy with work now, it is so hard for me to look for a time to play Bingo.

Anyway, since Bingo is already in the internet, who knows, one day, I’ll try Bingo again!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


WHEN I’m on a trip, I make it sure that I have candies on my pocket or in my bag. When I get bored or a little bit hungry, candy is the answer for my little hunger.

Kids love candies. Reason why I often give my nephews some candies everytime I see them. They really really love candies especially when the candies have different flavors and colors.

When I was a kid, am so hooked with flavored/sweet candies. After school, if I still have some money on my pocket, I often go for candies. There was this funny incident when I was a kid wherein I forgot my candies on my school uniform’s pocket. When my mom was about to do the laundry, she saw my school uniform with so many ants. Then she saw the candies on my school uniform’s pocket… then she shouted at me and scolded me. From then on, every time I buy candies, I make it sure that there is nothing left in my pocket.

As I said awhile ago, am hooked with flavored candies, today, aside from flavored candies, there are also candies with different colors, sizes, textures and shapes like the Jelly Beans that often caught the attention of the candy lovers like me!

Lets have some candies!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008



RAINY season is about to come and what do we expect during rainy days, of course, most people stay in their home, watching television and others take a whole day sleep. Other people find rainy season a boring one, and there are also some who loves the rainy days… and I am one of them.

Before, when most of the houses have no internet access, probably, rainy season is really boring. But nowadays, wherein most houses have an internet access, probably, staying at home during rainy days is not that boring. Why, simply because there are so many stuffs that can be search over the net that takes the boredom away.

During rainy days, if you’re already bored with watching movies the whole day, you can use the internet. There are so many interesting things that can be found over the net, like things about fashion, interesting articles that can be read, latest movies, books, exciting online games and even Casinos Online and other more interesting stuff.

I love rainy days, it so sentimental and every time I see the rain falling in our windowpane, I feel happiness inside me. I am so relax when it rain and it seems that all the stress inside are gone as I watch the rain fall.

Monday, May 05, 2008


I’M familiar with the card game Blackjack. If am not mistake, this games is also known as twenty-one and it is one of the most popular casino card games.

I haven’t play blackjack, but with I have heard about the said game, I found it exciting and interesting. And with what I know if you’re going to play blackjack, of course, you have to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the said game. You have to be familiar to what they call player’s decision, some of this that I know are “hit” and “stick.” When you say “hit,” you will take another card, and “stand” meaning no more cards. Aside from this two player’s decision that I'm familiar with, there are still more player's decisions that should be known first in able to play blackjack.

Aside from the player’s decision there is also what they call rules variation wherein a player should be familiar first before playing the blackjack. So if I want to play blackjack, I should know this also, if not, I don’t think so if I can have the chance to win.

Just what like I have said awhile ago, I haven’t try blackjack but I found the said games interesting. To those who are puzzled about the card game and they need some information regarding the said games, try Blackjack Online Casinos. Who knows, you’ll find also the card game interesting and exciting!

Friday, May 02, 2008


I love playing outdoor games especially when the sun is up. During summer, I love to play exciting and interesting games with my friends. But some of my friends are not like me who loves to play outdoor games. I have friends who love to stay at home, have a nonstop conversation and some of them prepared to stay at home and play some card games all day long.

I love playing cards too, especially when it rains, wherein I have to stay at home, of course, to ease my boredom. But the thing is, am not good in playing card games, but I want to learn, especially Poker.

I don’t know how to play Poker but I want to learn. Because if am not mistake, Poker is one of the popular card games that often play by other people. And nowadays, Poker is also available in the internet. To those who are interested, you can try Online Poker.

I want to learn Poker, so I read some articles or anything that can give me an idea or information about Poker. And if there is someone out there who wants to teach me, it won’t be hard for you, because I am a fast learner.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


IN this life… we have to choose and we have to decide for our self!

Last night, I made a decision, though it’s not that tough, but somehow, it changed me. It change the way I look — cut my hair short!

When I fell bad and pissed off, I went to salon immediately for a new hair cut. But I I told my self before, not to cut my hair though am in pain or there’s something inside that bothers me. But last night, it happened again, I went to salon with a friend and had a hair cut!

Yup... I feel bad the last time… I’m in pain! To divert this pain into something, I went to a salon and cut off my hair! Aside from am in pain, what’s make me decide to cut my hair is that, probably, am looking for something new for my self.

So… from waist-length hair, now, it is already 3 inches below the ear and am satisfied on how I look now! After cutting my hair short… what’s next? Put some color in it!


Saturday, April 26, 2008


LAST night, two of my 3rd cousins are at home here in Manila. It's been a long time when they had their last visit here in the city, that is why am so glad when I saw them at home.

My cousins are toooooo young for my age, but am so glad that our age gap is no big deal when we have a conversation.

I love talking with kids, because…. Kids don’t tell a lie!
With every story they tell me… bunch of laugh is my answer.

How a wish they can stay long here in the city… if ever that will happen… I’ll go home early just to have a nice conversation with them!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


With the high technology that we have today, aside from using the internet for searching about interesting things, now, shopping through the internet is also possible!

For me, purchasing through internet is more convenience compare to wherein you have to go to the mall, make a long walk to look for some thing that you want to buy. In purchasing through internet, all you have to do is to browse the internet and click the interesting things that you want. You don’t have to walk and search that long to buy what you want.

Aside from shopping through the internet, selling products are also possible. But before that, you will need software regarding selling through internet. To those who are interested in selling products through the internet, you can check

The site can give you all the information that you will need before you can sell through the net. On the said site also, you will going to have an idea and at the same time, it can give you software that you will going to need before you can start selling through the net.

Good thing that our technology grow continuously to meet the needs of people. And at the same time, make our living easy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



PEOPLE can be inform by means of browsing magazines, leaflets and pamphlets or reading an article about a specific thing that they want to be familiar with.

Most houses nowadays has an internet access, that is why aside from browsing and reading magazines, leaflets and pamphlets, one of the fastest way of getting inform is through internet.

Aside from articles that can be read in the net, we can also find some interesting things over the internet like games that can be play online. But as beginner, of course, we need to be familiar first with the game that we want to play.

Like casinos, casinos are also in the internet. To those who don’t have time to go out and play, now, you can use the internet for playing casinos. But at the same time, before playing, of course you need to be familiar first with online casinos, and for that matter, you can visit for some casino reviews. can give you information that you need about stuffs regarding casinos.

Getting informed nowadays is fast. Unlike before, you have to look for books and magazines that discuss the thing that you want to know. Today, as long as you have the internet access, the information that you need, with just a click, it will be in front of you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


SCHOOL year is about to start. Bookstores are loaded now with shoppers. School supplies are so in demand now like notebooks, books, bags, pen, pencil and other things needed by a student for the school year.

Of course, parents who go shopping with their kids hold their bags tightly because of the amount of money that they have in their bags. But there are some parents also who don’t bring cold cash with them when they go shopping. Rather than to use cash, credit cards are so in demand also for shopping. Since credit cards are easy to carry especially when you go shopping, most people nowadays are credit card holder. Why not, credit cards are easier to carry compare to cold cash which makes your wallet bulky and somehow, makes your bag a little heavy.

At the same time, there are some other people having a hard time on where to get money that they can use for shopping for the school supplies of their children. For the parents with that kind of problem, bad credit loans is the answer!

Education is very important for everyone, so it is okay to spend for it. Parents do their best just to give their children a high quality education that is why they are willing to look for money just to support the needs of their children when it comes to education.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I hate numbers and I hate computation, in short, I hate Math! I am not good in Math that is why am having a hard time to compute some Math problem.

When I was in high school, on my Physics class, we’re not allowed to enter the class room without a calculator. When I was in college, in our Trigonometry subject, before entering the class room, we should have a scientific calculator. Scientific calculator is more complicated compare to an ordinary calculator that people often use. There are some additional key on a scientific calculator wherein if you didn’t listen to your professor on how to compute a particular problem on your trigonometry subject, you’ll lost!

Calculators make computation easy… that’s a fact! Aside from the ordinary calculator or the scientific calculator, there’s also this Mortgage Loan Calculator. The said calculator sounds new to me, but if we're going to talk about loans computation, try the Mortgage Loan Calculator.

School year is about to start, people are starting to shop for school supplies. To those who are having a hard time with Math, don’t forget calculator on your list. You will going to use calculator on you Physics subject and a scientific calculator for your Trigonometry subject.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I know someone who is in the United Kingdom. If I am not mistaken, he is always in front of his computer to relax himself from nostalgia. Of course, it so hard to live abroad and away from your family, that is why, people who are away from their love ones do all the possible things that they can do to have the fastest way of communication with their love ones. Probably, the person I know who is in the United Kingdom often use the internet to send his regards to his family and friends.

Aside from using the internet in sending some mails, maybe, he often use also the net for browsing interesting things to chill out from boredom. He probably looks for some fascinating and exciting games that can be play online like UK Casinos. Thanks for the available games that can be play over the internet. To those who have an internet access and interested with casinos, try to check UK Casinos.

Moving forward, before, it took so long to receive a letter from someone. But today, with the help of the internet, just a few moments, the letter can be receive and read by the receiver on the same day. See how technology works a lot for us and makes our works easy and fast?

Internet plays an important part in our life today. Especially to those who live away from their family. Probably reason why most houses today has an internet access!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


THERE are some people who choose to stay at home, in front of their television, rather than to go out and make some new friends. On the other hand, there are also some people who can’t stay that long inside their house because they get easily bored.

Me, it depends on my mood. There are some times that I want to stay at home and be alone and some times, I want to go out of the house and hangouts with my friends.

There are some people whenever they stay home, they are already satisfied watching movies or listening to music. But me, if am going to stay home, I rather choose to browse the net the whole day, rather than to watch a film.

I get easily bored in watching film, especially if the movie is not that interesting. Compare in surfing the net, wherein I can look for some interesting topic. With the internet, I can search for the latest fashion, interesting topics that can be read, different games, Casinos and other more interesting stuffs. Yes, to those who are interested with Casinos, you can browse the internet.

So, as what I’ve said, if ever I’ll stay home the whole day, instead to watch a film, I rather browse the internet, because, browsing the internet and play some games take my boredom away!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008


IF there are something things that we don’t know, or there are some things that we need to solve, we look for some guideline on how to do them. And if there are some places that we’re looking for, but we don’t have an idea on how to go there, we look for a tourist guide to help us to get there.

Same with some puzzles… we need guide to solve them. And same with casino, there are some Casino Guide for those who are interested to play. To those who want to understand casino, Casino Guide can give some idea.

Guides are important… they make things easy if we’re going to follow them correctly. When am still in school, I remember, am always having a hard time when it comes to Math. I often asked my professor for some guides that will help me a lot to understand some Math problem. And am so thankful that by means of a clear explanation of my professor and with the help of my friends who are good in Math, and by mean of giving me a guide on how to solve a particular Math problem, some how, Math becomes easy for me somehow.

Thanks for the guide!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


BROWSING the net is what I often do if I have my spare time at work. I look for music, fashion and other interesting things. There are times that there are some other things on the net that often caught my attention and some of these are Online Casinos. And because of curiosity, I read some articles about these stuffs and I found them interesting also.

Moving forward, nowadays, there are lots of things that can be search over the net. If I want to know the latest when it comes to music and fashion such as the latest dress, accessories and other interesting things, all I have to do is to browse the internet. At the same time, before, in able for a person to unwind with the whole family or friends, people often go out to look for some relaxing place — they do some personal visit. But today, because of the technology that we have, people can use the internet to look for some relaxing place for the family to visit. For those who loves casino but don’t have the time to go out, today, as long as you have internet access, you look for Online Casinos.

With the technology that we have today, everything turns easy and it is so nice that our technology continue to develop.

Friday, April 11, 2008


WE love to play games! The fact is, we’re having more fun if the game that we play is very interesting, challenging and exciting. Vice-versa, we get tired if the game that we play is boring.

We often browse the internet to look for the latest and more challenging games online, and if we find one, we often play it.

Since casino can also be play online, for those who wants play just to relax or unwind, and at the same time to have fun, in able to enjoy or have fun while playing online casino, games should be exciting and interesting. To find some interesting and exciting online casino games, players can browse or they can search the net and look for the Best Casino Spot, wherein you can find some information regarding games that can be play.

People who play casino online because they don’t have the enough time to go out to relax or to unwind, and playing online is what they often do during their spare time, playing will be more fun, relaxing and exciting if they will look for the Best Casino Spot.

To enjoy things, look for the best! Because playing will be more fun, interesting, exciting and challenging if you’re playing the best games!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I’m a music lover and I love singing, though I don’t have the voice for it!

Old songs make me feel so relax. When am already exhausted with work, listening to music if what I often do.

There is this particular song that am into right now. It was an Original Sound Track of the movie You’ve Got Mail, and the title of the song is Anyone at All by Carole King.

Actually, my officemate sang this song once but I did not pay too much attention about the lyrics of the song. Upon browsing the net, I found its lyrics and read it. Then I found out that the lyrics of the song is so sweet, it touched my heart… and now, am looking forward that one day, I’ll sing this song for someone special. *wink*

Here is the song and it's lyrics… enjoy!


Funny how I feel more myself with you
Than anybody else that I ever knew
I hear it in your voice, see it in your face
You've become the memory I can't erase

You could have been anyone at all
A stranger falling out of blue
I'm so glad it was you

Wasn't in the plan not that I could see
Suddenly a miracle came to me
Safe within your arms I can say what's true
Nothing in the world I would keep from you

You could have been anyone at all
An old friend calling out of blue
I'm so glad it was you

Words can hurt you if you let them
People say them and forget them
Words can promise words can lie
But your words make me feel like I can fly

You could have been anyone at all
And let that catches me when I fall
Anyone at all
Anyone at all
Anyone at all
I'm so glad it was you


WHEN I finished college and started to work, I told my self that I should save some of my money. My parents told me also to have my own savings, so they told me to open Savings Accounts. Then a friend of mine came to me, same thing, she wants to save money. Then I told her to open an account, wherein her money will be safer rather than to keep them in a box or in her drawer.

Having an own savings is one of the best things that a working person can do or should do. With the technology that we have today, we can browse the net if we need some information regarding on how to have Savings Accounts.

Try to check WaMu, wherein they offer also Online Savings. Other than that, WaMu can give you information about Statement Savings and at the same time, they can give you also information about Traditional CD, Online CD and Liquid CD.

It is advisable to all to save. Today, it is so easy to open an account. And if ever you need more information regarding on how to have an accounts, you can browse the net.

Don’t wait to long… better to save now!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


THERE are lots of games that can be play online. If you’re get jaded from whole day work, but you don’t have the time to go out to unwind, online computer games can help you to relax in some ways.

Other people’s pastime is to play in a casino, but because of being busy from, they don’t have the enough time for it. However, with the technology that we have now, they can have the chance again to play, by means of the internet.

To those who like Online Casino Gambling, if they have internet access, they can use to net to look for some online casino and with just a click, they can already play casino.

I know that Online Casino Gambling is interesting and exciting, that is why there are some other people keeps on playing. I’m also aware about Online Casino Gambling, but I didn’t try it yet. I have the idea regarding online casino games, but, just like what I have said awhile ago, I didn’t try it yet. But who knows, one of these days, am gonna give it a try.

If ever am going to play, of course, like other people, I’m hoping that aside from having fun, I want to win also!

Monday, April 07, 2008


IF am interested on a specific thing or if am curious about the definition of a word, I often browse the net for the answer. Unlike before, so many researches to do first and it took so long to have the answer. But nowadays, with the help of computer, it’s not that hard anymore.

When am at work, most of the time, am in front of my computer. When I get tired or I get bored, browsing the net is what I often do. I search for some interesting articles to read, song to sing and looking for some interesting and exciting games that can be play online. And for those who are interested on casinos, specifically online casinos, you can browse the net also and you look for Best Online Casinos.

When I get bored or tired looking for some articles to read online or I get tired from playing online games, browsing the net also and looking for some Best Online Casinos is what I often do. I browse some stuff about casinos because I am interested with casinos too.

I find casino games interesting and exciting, reason why am looking forward to have the chance to play and win!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


NOWADAYS, with the technology that we have, everything became simple and easy. Everything somehow became easy because of the help of the computers. With just a click, what we are looking for will be in front of us.

People get busy with works and some other stuffs, wherein it so hard now to relax even for awhile. But with the help of computers, somehow, people find ways to unwind. If we’re looking for something to read, we can use the computer to look for some interesting articles. To those who love to play computer games, they can also use the computer to look for some fascinating games. To those who love to play casino, but they don’t have enough time, with the help of computers, they can browse the net to look for Online Casinos, wherein with just one click, they can already play.

I’m familiar with Online Casinos but I didn’t have the chance to try it. With what I read, there are lots of interesting and exciting games that can be play. Some of them are poker, slots, black jack and other interesting casinos games. Probably it is so exciting to play reason why other people are really having fun while playing. And who knows, one day, am gonna give it a try to play, too!

Saturday, April 05, 2008



DURING my free time at work, since I don’t smoke and I refrain from having coffee, except from having a short chat with my officemates, browsing the net is what I often do. I look for the lyrics of my favorite songs and for the lyrics of the new songs today is what I do during my spare time. At the same time, I like playing interesting and exciting computers games online, so I also browse the net regarding online games that can be play.

I'm familiar with online casinos and I found them interesting. Upon browsing online casinos, then I found top online casino. Yes, I already have idea about online casinos, but, I still read some stuffs about it. Because who knows, one time, I’ll have the chance to play, at least Il have the idea about the rules and other stuffs regarding top online casino. At least I know what to do, right?

Thursday, April 03, 2008


WHEN I was a kid, most of the games that I used to play are hide-and-seek, patintero, sipa, piko and other games wherein in able to enjoy those, I had to play them with my playmates.

One time, I was in a convenience store and while looking for something, loud voices of two young boys caught my attention. These boys talks about computer... computer games to be exact. With the way they talked, it is pretty obvious that love and enjoy playing computer games. They compared every game that they knew, share some tactics and strategy in able to a win in a specific computer game.

With what I heard, I can’t help but to compare the games when I was kid to the games that often play by kids nowadays. I used to play outdoor games wherein I have to run, jump, shout etc. Today, kids can play while sitting in front of a computer. With just a quick click here and quick click there… instant games for kids!

Not only that, there are also interesting games for adults… especially to those who likes playing in casinos but has no enough time to play, nowadays, they can play casino online. In casino online, there are lot of games such as slots, poker, blackjack and other interesting casino games.

So… it’s true what other people uttered that computers make the world small. With just one click, stuffs that you’re looking for will be in front of you as fast as you want. Kids can play games on computers and even for adults too!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


TO travel by plane is one of my greatest dreams. I guess not only but also other people out there.

I often dream even when I was a kid that one day, I’ll have the chance to travel by plane… first class of course, wherein I can have the VIP treatment! I often ask my self that how does it feel seating on a plane with a VIP treatment? Isn’t great? Definitely! What more if you’re going to travel by a private plane or private jet… Private Jet Charter Flights! Definitely, that will be cool and unforgettable experience!

It is so exciting to imagine, seating in a very comfortable way inside a private plane with a VIP treatment with friends or… with your special someone… that will be sweet and great! Seating inside the private jet from Private Jet Charter Flights wherein you can have the ultimate relaxation and remove all the “toxic” circumstances in your system… that will be awesome!

I can’t imagine my self having that kind of extra special experience… a truly dream come true if ever it will happen.

Anyway, I’m looking forward that one day; all these things that I’m wishing for will come into reality… soon!

Monday, March 31, 2008


GIVEN a chance, I would like to play in a casino, with friends of course. Actually, some of my pals, experienced to play in a casino and they said that it was fun playing. Probably, it will be so much fun if you’re winning the game.

I’ve been in a casino once, but I never had the chance to play, but am looking forward to play one time and at the same time, winning!

I like browsing stuffs regarding casino… online casinos! Because just like what I’ve said a while ago, am looking forward to play in a casino, either in the country or better if I could have the chance to play outside the country.

Upon browsing some stuffs regarding online casinos, I found Golden Palace Casino. Of course, before playing in a casino or even in an online casino, I should have ideas first regarding the games in a casino, what to play, how to play and what are the most interesting games.

On Golden Palace Casino, I’ve got some ideas regarding games that can be play in an online casino, such as poker, slots, blackjack and other casino games. And with the idea that I’ve got regarding online games, somehow, if I can have that chance to play in a casino, it will not be that hard for me.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I started blogging three years ago, that was February of 2005 and up to now, am into blogging still.

Blogging was introduced to me by an officemate/friend, and at the same time, she is the one who convinced me to try blogging. And since I love to write, I give it a try, and from then on, I keep on blogging.

Aside from making some personal posts and do some blog hopping (from one blog to another), thru blogging, I met new friends who love to blog also. Through these friends from blogging, different stuffs regarding blog we’re also introduced to me one of these is advertise on blogs, wherein, advertisements in a blog are welcome.

I thought at first, blogging is just a personal stuff, wherein the author can put only things regarding her/his self, then I found out that to advertise on blogs are also possible.

If you will go to do some blog hop now, most of the blogs have some advertisements and it’s cool, that aside from personal article that can be read there, you can also find some interesting stuffs.

Friday, March 28, 2008


AFTER I graduated in college, supposed to be, my first job will be a slot machine attendant in a casino. I passed the first second interview for the job even though during that time, I don’t have the idea on what is a slot machine. So what I did was, I browsed the web regarding slot machines. But a day before my final interview for the job, an opportunity to work in a publication knocked into my door so I grabbed the said opportunity.

Today, during my free time at work, I often browse the net searching for some online games. My interest regarding online games started when slot machines introduced to me way back after I graduated in college, and from then on, I keep on searching the net regarding slot machines.

One time, upon browsing the net regarding slot machines, it leads me to online slots.
Online slots gives me information regarding slot machines. Because of these, I became more eager to play slot machines, and who knows, one time, I’ll play the slot machines and not only playing, but also winning!

Happy Friday!


NOWADAYS, computers are so in demand, that’s a fact!

Computers make the world so small… with just one click, the things that you need, right away, will be in front of you.

In sending mails, before, it took so long for the receiver to have the letter. But today, with the help of computers, with just a few minutes, the receiver of the letter can read the mail on the same day as the sender send it and it is because of computers.

Same with games, when I was a kid, me and playmates, most of the game that we used to play are outdoor games such as hide-and-seek, patintero, sipa, luksong tinik and other more physical games. Today, children can play games right in front of computers.

Except from computer games for kids, there is this also the online casino games. Online casino games such as poker, blackjack, slots and more. But at the same time, like me, I need to search more information regarding online casinos. Even though, we’re aware about online games, still, we need more information about these stuffs. Upon searching regarding information about casinos stuffs, it leads me to, wherein there are articles that gives information regarding casinos.

Aside from searching the net regarding online casinos, I have these friends who are currently working in a casino and they’re going to have their vacation here in the country the next month. Probably, aside from the information I found over, they can also give some tips about casino games!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


IT is the heart that bleeds

Not the wound in the knees.

It is the heart that cries

Not the brown soulful eyes.

It is the heart that ask

Not the tormented mind

It is the heart that shouts

Not the angry mouth.

It is the heart that plead

Begging you to speak

To answer the question

Of the puzzled heart!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


ANOTHER victory for the people of the Philippines!
Manny Pacquiao won versus Juan Manuel Marquez
for the WBC Super featherweight title!
Another pride for the Filipinos!

Proud to be Pinoy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Saturday, March 01, 2008


WHEN I feel sad and lonely… I think of my friends who are always there to cheer me up!

When I feel bad and when I’m in trouble… I think of my family that I can run to.

When I feel that everybody left me… I think of God, that no matter what happen, He’ll never leave me!

Happy Saturday!


I have this friend who is currently working in a casino outside the country. She was my former officemate and it also happened that she was my classmate when I was in college. She resigned years ago to grab the opportunity to work abroad.

This coming April, if am not mistaken, she will going to have her vacation here in the country, and of course, I’m pretty sure that she will going to visit us (her former officemates) once she got here in the country. What do you expect when we finally see each other again after a long time? Of course… nonstop chat! And perhaps because she is working in a casino, she can discuss some Online Casino Newbies.

Nonstop chat regarding life is what I expect when we finally see each other again. Frenziedly chitchat regarding life and some sappy questions like how’s life, how does it feels living outside the country and miles away from your family and some questions regarding casino because as I’ve said, she’s working in a casino.

Since she’s working in a casino, probably I can ask her regarding casino games and at the same time, I could ask her about Online Casino Newbies, what’s new in casino, what are the most interesting games, and other some stuffs.

So, the month of April is coming… I’m so excited to see my friend, so excited to hear new things about her. Can’t wait now!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


HAVE you ever been in a situation wherein you’re sitting in peaceful place and no worries in mind, and then split seconds, something will ruin your nonviolent moment?

Or after attending a mass, on your way home, an incident makes you angry?

Or you’re just sitting in one corner doing your stuffs with happiness then suddenly something get into your system which makes your world upside down?

Me? Oh yes… I’ve been into that situation. And I call that moment the visitation of the seven demons. And they often visit me to destruct my day, but… they’ll never win! I won't let them win!

When these seven demons are visiting me, maximum tolerance is my weapon and thinking, seven demons against me… only me. It takes seven demons to destroy my day... meaning I'm much tougher compare to these seven demons. So why should I let these seven demons to ruin me if I'm much tougher than them? Never... I'll be the one to ruin them! Even eight demons, I won’t let them to ruin my day.

So, when these seven demons visit you anytime… don't let them to ruin you... don't let them to ruin your day! Instead, be the one to ruin them... destroy them!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008



I asked her to stay but she wouldn’t listen
She left before I had the chance to say
The words that would mend the things that were broken
But now it’s far too late, she’s gone away

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking: “Why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?”
Hard to believe that

It’s not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won’t go home without you

The taste of your breath, I’ll never get over
The noises that you made kept me awake
The weight of things that remain unspoken
Built up so much it crushed us everyday

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking: “Why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?”
Hard to believe that

It’s not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won’t go home without you

It’s not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won’t go home without you

Of all the things I felt but never really shown
Perhaps the worst is that I ever let you go
I should not ever let you go, oh oh oh

It’s not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won’t go home without you

It’s not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won’t go home without you

I won’t go home without you
I won’t go home without you
I won’t go home without you


Online games were introduced to me by a friend who has lots of ideas regarding computer games.

Obviously, this person was the one who gave me the idea to become interested with different online games, that is why, if I have free time from work, I browse the net to search for some online games.

With online computer games, I am more interested with online casino games. This is because some of my friends have a plan to try one time to play in a casino. And of course, before going to a casino, I should have an idea regarding the games that can be play inside of a casino.

Upon browsing the net to get some ideas about casino, it leads me to Mucho Online Casino Games, wherein there are some articles that can be read and to have enough information regarding casinos.

With the ideas I got from browsing and reading articles at Mucho Online Casino Games, somehow, if ever my friends and I are going to enter a casino, at least I have the idea regarding casino. I will not just sit beside my friends, staring at them while they’re playing, rather I can join them and enjoy being in a casino.


THERE are lots of people who wants to play in a casino. But at the same time, there are some people who don’t have any idea regarding the life inside the casino. Even the games inside the casino, probably not everybody has the idea on how to play them — just like me!

Yes, am looking forward that I’ll have the chance to enter the casino, playing and winning. Some of our relatives, if they have spare time from work, they go to casino to play. And when I’m with them, since I don’t know how to play casino games, I’ll just sit beside them, watching them, playing. Upon watching them playing, you can see on their faces and gestures that they really enjoy the game, reason why I got the interest to learn something regarding casino games.

I want to learn on how to play some casino games, but, I don’t need to ask someone who have the idea regarding casino games. Because nowadays, getting idea regarding casino are not that hard. We can use the World Wide Web to search regarding casino’s stuffs.

Information regarding casino games are also now available over the net. They can give enough information you need to be aware regarding casino.

So, all I have to do is to open the web and search for the information that I need to learn regarding casino.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Tuesday mood sounds: Justin Timberlake

  1. Futuresex / Lovesounds
  2. Damn Girl
  3. What Goes Around… Comes Around
  4. My Love
  5. Sexyback
  6. Summer Love / Set the Mood
  7. Love Stones / I Think She Knows
  8. Losing My Way


I love to play online games, but no money involve. And here in the office, we used to play online games during our free time as a way of relaxing, and again, no money involve. One of the online games that I once used to play was Bingo.

One time, while browsing the net looking for some online games, a particular site about casinos popped up. Because of the interesting colors of the site, and also because of the curiosity regarding what’s inside of the site, I opened it. There, I saw different kinds of interesting casino games such as poker, blackjack, bingo, slots and a lot more. And the site also gives reviews and ideas about the online games.

After browsing and reading some articles about casino games, and even though I don’t know how to play casino games, my interest regarding casinos strikes more. So, after browsing casino games, what to search next? Of course, Best Online Casinos!

While I’m still free from work, I started to search the net regarding Best Online Casinos wherein I can have some ideas about playing in a casino. Who knows, one time, I’ll have the chance to play in a casino, right? *wink*

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I never been in a Casino, but I’m looking forward to be in a Casino one time, playing.
Yes, yes… I don’t have any idea regarding the games inside the Casino, what to play and how to play.
If time will come that I have to enter a Casino, and I need to have an idea about the happenings inside of a Casino, there is this person who absolutely can give me an idea or can discuss to me regarding life inside the Casino.
I have this former officemate of mine and happened to be my classmate way back in college who currently working now in a Casino outside the country.
Since she working in a Casino for more than a year, of course, she can discuss lot of things to about the happenings inside the Casino. She can tell me clearly probably about the games and the amount of money that can be won once you play in a Casino. Maybe, she can also give me some tips about online games and any other interesting games.
Given a change, of course, I want to give a try to play in a Casino and winning of course, and who knows, it will gonna happen.
Well, good luck to me!

Friday, February 15, 2008


1. Makes Me Wonder
2. Wake Up Call
3. Harder to Breath
4. If I Never See Your Face Again
5. Nothing Last Forever
6. Better That We Break
7. Goodnight Goodnight
8. Won’t Go Home Without You

Happy Friday!


I know how to play Bingo, even my friends and sister likes to play Bingo, and its fun playing Bingo, right? Especially if you have the luck!
Aside from playing Bingo, there’s this game which is often play to all the Casinos… the Poker.
I’m familiar with the game Poker, I know that it is a game, but I don’t have even a single idea on how to play Poker.
My curiosity regarding Poker game started when one of my friends asked me to play Poker. I refused because I don’t know how to play. And at the same time, this curiosity about Poker game strike me more because some of my friends talk a lot about Poker… what’s with Poker?
Until one time, I decided and tried to browse the net regarding Poker and it lead me to some Casinos. I found out that aside from Poker, there are lots of interesting games that can be play inside the Casino such as blackjack, slots and many more.
Upon continuous reading and with the information I’ve got not only about Poker but also with other Casino games, I’m looking forward now that one time, I’ll see myself sitting and playing Poker. And of course, not only playing, but also winning the game!
Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


SOME of my friends love to play cards and they told me that it was fun playing cards… probably yes, if you have the luck.

I know how to play cards but not that good, that is why my friends loves to play with me because most of time, I am the looser!

These friends of mine has a plan to play in a Casino and of course I’ll be with them. But how can I enjoy being in a Casino if I don’t know how to play or I don’t have any idea regarding the games and machines inside of a Casino?

Well… Casino Reviews is the answer!

Casino Reviews will going to give you all the ideas you need regarding Casino stuffs… games, machines and many more. Information you need regarding Casino, you can find it there.

So, for me to enjoy once me and my friends visited a Casino… of course, I have to browse Casino Reviews for me to have an idea regarding stuffs inside the Casino. And even though I can’t play that much, at least, I will not stay in one corner, staring at the ceiling because I have the idea regarding stuffs inside of a Casino.

Let's play!


It's been a long time when I had my last post here... simply I got busy with my another blog, anyway, guys, you're always welcome to check my other site... feel free to leave a comment.
Today is February 14, 2008... yup... it's Valentine's Day... any date? Haha...
Later tonight, me and housemates will going to have a simple dinner with wine (yes!) as a celebration for Valentine's Day... *wink*

Happy Valentine's Day guys!